Nevada’s Illegal Sex Industry is the Largest in the World

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Nevada’s illegal sex industry is the nation’s largest. Estimates say it’s well over a hundred thousand dollars annually. There are two types of people who fall prey to this vice – men and women. Both, however, should be alarmed at such a large industry operating in their state.

The men and women who become involved in Nevada’s sex industry don’t realize how serious it is. The health risks are severe. This is a form of work that puts people at risk for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis and even cancer. It is also worth noting that the rate of pregnancy is alarmingly high among workers in the state’s sex industry.

The women of Nevada’s sex industry aren’t spared from these risks either. It is estimated that twenty-five percent of Nevada’s adult women are trafficked. This is a frightening fact because prostitution is illegal in most states. Yet, it is common in Nevada. Women will sell their body for money, even at the risk of their lives.

Those who have been prostituted find themselves in a terrible situation. Some are held in captivity, some are made to work against their will and some are forced to visit brothels. The women endure physical and mental abuse at the hands of the men they will never see again. Most of the prostituted women in Nevada’s sex industry are drug addicts.

Those who are involved in Nevada’s sex industry are often coerced into performing dangerous sexual acts. Many have had prior involvement with drugs. Others are there because of financial need. No matter what their reason, it is wrong.

Prostitution is considered a degrading act. Yet, it is legal in more than thirty-five states including Nevada. In addition, women who become involved with the sex industry are often targets of violence by those who want to exploit their bodies. The types of crime that involve women include human trafficking, forced labor, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping and aggravated battery. The rates of women becoming victims of these crimes are alarmingly high all across the country.

The laws that Nevada has regarding human trafficking require prison time for those who knowingly transport women as slave. Additionally, the penalty is increased each year to increase funding to eliminate this horrible problem. Victims of these crimes can go forward and press charges if they believe they were targeted due to race, gender or any other category.

Unfortunately, in this day and age many women choose to leave abusive situations. However, many others do not have the power or the strength to leave. Unfortunately, the lives of women who do suffer from the conditions of an illegal sex industry are not only ruined but their health is damaged as well. The saddest part is that trafficking is against the law, yet many people still prey upon these women. Don’t stand for it.

Women and girls in Nevada face the most dangerous conditions, when it comes to being trafficked. These women may be forced into the industry against their will and at the mercy of those who profit from the transaction. There are many scams used in order to force these women into the sex trade. Victims are forced to pay a fee to keep them safe, some even have to offer up their homes as collateral in order to secure a “protection fee.”

Unfortunately, many of these “protection fees” are non-refundable. Victims are forced to remain in the prostitution business until they are able to find a way out of the situation. This type of scenario plays out in many different towns and cities throughout the state of Nevada. Although prostitution is against the law in Nevada, it is tolerated in the cities and towns that allow brothels and prostitutes to operate.

The treatment of the women and girls within the illegal sex industry is often violent. Many girls are killed in what appears to be unnecessary circumstances. Women are also raped on a regular basis. One thing is for sure, the treatment of these women and girls by the owns is barbaric.

The problem of prostitution is much bigger than many people realize. Not only is it illegal but it is often against the law to partake in such an activity. Nevada is a very socially conservative state, which makes it even more difficult to allow prostitution to go on. The treatment of these women and girls is also barbaric. Hopefully, the State of Nevada will soon criminalize prostitution, thereby saving these innocent women and girls from the atrocious circumstances that are so commonly meted out to them.

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